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在美丽的安大略湖滨有一条小径,南起Niagara Falls,沿着安大略湖北上一直向东到魁北克省,全长800多公里,这就是著名的Waterfront Trail。

从大瀑布到多伦多的这段路程已经骑了两次。计划在夏天进行一次从Kingston 到 Cornwall 的230公里的骑行,争取在今年内完成全部的800公里的骑行路线。

Waterfront Trail Map


Day1 From Kingston Via station to Brockville, 90km
Camp at St. Lawrence Park

Day 2 From Brockville to Upper Canada Migratory Bird Sanctuary, 75km
Camping one night

Day 3 From Upper Canada Migratory Bird Sanctuary to Via Cornwall station, 35km

Bike Touring – from Kingston to Cornwall

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